Web Site Development

  We have affordable web site packages that can include design, hosting, search engine optimization, mobile compatibility, email accounts, photography, and video content, with creative and marketing services. We also can develop online stores and search engine marketing. 


  Printed materials can leave lasting impressions of your business. We can design and print your collateral so that it reflects your brand image and supports your other media. 


  We design and digitize for embroidery, screen printing, and digiprinting. Vendor samples are available as well as guidance on choosing the right fabric and quality for your uniforms, sales, or promotional apparel.

Creative Design

  Graphic design can be the glue that visually binds your print, web, promotions, video, and other media. Our philosophy is that design should enhance your content, message and brand, not detract from them. We design logos, web sites, all print materials, promotional materials, signage, etc. - all done with a marketing eye.

Digital Solutions

  It's a mobile world and you probably want to be where your customers are looking. There are plenty of digital opportunities, but which is right for your business? We can find the right combination.


  We will consult with you and find the right fit for your business and budget. If you know what you want, you can order online at our promo store.

Video Production

   Whether for information or entertainment video media remains popular. We animate your message through production, development, scripting, recording, editing, processing, production, and DVD duplicating services. We output in broadcast, web, and mobile formats.

  Bmore Branded is about guiding your business to establish, enhance, and engage your brand with people to drive sales and referrals. We uncover overlooked opportunities for your business to interact and engage with customers, developing loyalty and recommendations.

  Our creativity permeates our process. We offer ideas and suggestions on what best represents your brand and fits your budget. We design and develop logos, printed materials, video content and web sites.

  Whatever product or service you choose, creativity is always included.

Seminars & Classes

  Check here and keep a watch for announcements on free and paid marketing seminars. Owner, Greg Glinowiecki, teaches several marketing courses at CCBC as part of their Business Certificate Program.

Local Marketing

  NeighborhoodBranding is a marketing approach that is ideal for most smaller and locally businesses. By focusing on being the best whatever you do in your zip code, town, county, or state, you create a neighborhood brand. You also limit competition and focus marketing dollars on those most likely to become your customers - your neighbors. To learn more contact us.

P.O. Box 19089, Loch Raven, MD 212894  •  410-656-6140  •  Email

Creative Marketing Solutions


  While we approach every relationship as a partnership, we seek out strategic alliances with other firms. For more information on how we might establish a mutually beneficial business arrangement, contact us.




Social Marketing

  If your business targets consumers, then social media needs to be part of your
marketing and branding strategy. If you are B2B oriented, then LinkedIn and other networking opportunities are probably more beneficial. We will set up your strategy and advise you on how to get the most out of your efforts.

Sales Training

  Perhaps Customer Service and Brand Awareness Training would be a more appropriate title, but it's too long and everyone works for the sales department anyway. Employee awards programs, with an emphasis on being mindful of your business brand with each customer encounter, can be an effective marketing tool. We can help your staff create great customer experiences, and get referrals.

Public Relations

  Whether it's a press release or local donation, what you and your staff do in the community can entwine your brand in your marketing neighborhood. We can help announce awards, projects, contributions, and other support you give to boost your image and appeal.

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